Art At The House

Art At The House is a community interest company formed by local artists to connect local artists with the community. We plan an exciting annual event which includes stalls, demonstrations, workshops, live music and theatre with refreshments available throughout the two days.

I am the administrator for this event, managing artists bookings and ensuring they have all the information they need and feel confident that the event is co-ordinated smoothly.

Stalls are arranged in a variety of pitches using indoor spaces in the outbuildings and spaces throughout the grounds in the woods, making the most of this beautiful site and providing visitors with an interesting and exciting experience.

We also love to encourage young people who haven’t exhibited before by supporting them, giving them advice and encouragement and helping them to network with other experienced artists at the event.

The range and expressions of art over the weekend is considerable including fine art, ceramics, metal work, wood work, textiles, candle making, printing, photography, jewellery, digital art to name just a few.

You can find out more about Art At The House at

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