Over the years of developing my artist skills through exploration of other artists work, using different media and learning about art theory I have arrived at a point where I understand my artistic voice and expression better.

My favourite painting medium to use is oil and cold wax medium – I just love the process I need to use with it and how it performs on the painting support be that paper or board. It allows me to build up the depth and softness that I want in my work.

I started off several years ago painting landscapes and quickly moved to semi-abstraction, focussing on my relation and reaction to a place or sense of place.

‘Just Seen’

As I moved to more abstract work my inspiration is still, to a greater extent, landscape, be that a physical place or the lived ‘landscape’ of the human condition, or even the ‘landscape’ of the human face or form.


Sometimes the work may depict a personal, experienced moment or memory. Often it presents ‘happenings’ I observe, listened in to, feel or am moved by – happenings occurring all around us as we live in the world, making sense of life, our selves, the ‘other’, the ‘us’; Happenings that tell a story.

‘The fool’

I use a cool, soft, limited palette with an emphasis on the use of tone to express mood and depth of feeling, understanding, and connection. The resulting images are left open to interpretation – what you think I might be trying to say, and you as the viewer who might see something of your own story reflected there.

‘The Travellers’

Yorkshire artist Jo Sykes
Yorkshire artist Jo Sykes
Yorkshire artist, Jo Sykes


Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England.

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